Arbonne Prolief & Phytoprolief
Natural Balancing Creams - For Women and For Men

PHYTOPROLIEF & PROLIEF - Regain your natural balance

Arbonne’s Natural Balancing Creams are formulated to meet high specifications. Both creams are applied topically and are conveniently packaged in a metered pump. There’s no confusing and messy measuring! Click below SHOP ONLINE for info on how to use these products and achieve balance!

Natural Balancing Cream for Men and Women.
#805- $34.00

Natural Balancing Cream for Women.
#800 - $34.00

Prolief was developed for those interested in receiving the benefits of a botanically based natural balancing cream.

PhytoProlief is a natural, botanically based balancing cream designed to help restore balance. PhytoProlief contains the following:      

Weighing Your Options
Natural alternatives can be a solution to imbalance, but it’s a decision every woman must make for herself. At Arbonne, PhytoProlief and Prolief are exactly that botanically based options for natural balance.

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